Because You Love Them…
You Owe It to Your Senior Dog

If your dog is slowing down, and having trouble doing the things you used to enjoy doing together – you may be feeling like you don’t know what’s going on. 

Sometimes you just feel like there’s nothing you can do to help them…

Make Your Dog Feel Like A Beloved Puppy Again

You don’t need to spend another day unable to help your aging pup. I have the solution you’ve been looking for and it has everything you’ll need to know in one convenient place.

Recently I became frustrated with not knowing where to go to find help for my senior dog Katie, a rescue Lab. So I spent countless hours of research pulling together all the information I could find about aging in dogs to help Katie. And I would like to share these findings with you.
If you have an aging pupper it’s important you get ahold of this information now.

Does your dog…
• Wake up and wander around in the middle of the night?
• Avoid participating in activities she used to enjoy?
• Struggle every time she wants to go up and down the stairs?
• Have trouble seeing where she’s going or hearing you when you call her?
If you’ve become frustrated trying to sort through all the conflicting “information” out there on the internet, not knowing which articles are right or which websites you can trust, you probably just gave up even looking. 

Now I’ve done all the research and dug through all that mess to find the information you really need. And I’ve pulled it all together in one place where you can quickly and easily go to for everything you need to know to keep your best friend happy and healthy for many more years to come.
You’ll start to understand why they…
• Have started avoiding their favorite toys.
• Just stand there looking up at you instead of jumping into the car.
• Started to have “accidents” in the house.
• Or just don’t seem like that puppy you once held in one hand.

What Does Old Age Mean for Your Little Boy or Girl?

Now, they’ll always be a grown-up puppy in your eyes but do you know the common signs of aging that may have been creeping up on them the last few months or years? And when exactly is a dog considered a senior anyway?

After reading, you’ll know the common problems to watch for as they start to slow down and show a little grey around their furry face.
Are they…
• Drinking too much water? Or not enough?
• Eating too much? Or they won’t even look at food?
• Sleeping too much? Or up all night?
• Having potty accidents in the house?
Now you’ll know what these signs could mean, along with many others to watch for. And when you do see these things start to happen, you’ll already know what to do and how to help your little fur-baby through it.

Inside this book you’ll discover options for medical and prescription treatments, along with natural or alternative remedies you may not have realized exist. 

You’ll also learn of quick and easy changes you can make around your home and with your daily routine that can make a big difference for your furry friend.

Are Creaking and Cracking Joints Slowing Down Your Once Nonstop Puppy?

Have you noticed your furry whirlwind of energy is now slowing down? Maybe she doesn’t look forward to running after her favorite ball as much. Or she’s starting to have trouble going up and down the stairs.

Just like for us, dog’s joints age and start to wear out. And a large number will start to feel pain and eventually may have trouble just walking across the room.

Have you noticed…
• It takes them longer to get “up and running”?
• Popping or creaking as they move their joints?
• A limp starting to sneak its way in?
• Sensitivity when you pet them in certain places?

After reading this book, you’ll know the signs to look for as soon as they begin creeping in. And you’ll be able to start getting it treated early on.

You’ll be armed with knowledge as you work with your Vet for both medical and non-prescription options. 

Did you know that canine massage is a thing? For many dogs it can provide relief from pain, even if for a little while. You’ll read about the indications of whether it may or may not help your own little fur-kid. Along with tips if you want to learn to do this yourself.

And that’s just one of the many options you will find as you read through this book.

Does Your Best Friend Look at You Without Even Knowing Who You Are Anymore?

Have you noticed changes in how your furry friend acts recently? Are there even days where you barely recognize your beloved pet? Or maybe your heart gets broken when they don’t seem to recognize you.

In this book I’ll walk you through the mental changes that can happen as our dogs get older.
Does your once outgoing fur-ball now…
• Hide in a corner or under a bed all day?
• Spend hours just staring at a blank wall for no reason?
• Wander around like they don’t know where they are?
• Suddenly act aggressive toward other dogs, people, or even you?
Just as with people, our dog’s brain can wear down with age. They can suffer from a variety of mental illnesses that can include anxiety, seizures, dementia and others.

You’ll learn the signs for some of these common mental illnesses and be able to spot them early. 

And when your furry old friend is confused about what’s happening, you’ll be there and able to help. From easy things you can do around the house to deciding on medical treatments with your Vet, you won’t be going through it blindly.

These are just a few examples of what you’ll learn when you get this book. I’ll walk you through all the most common health problems that your little buddy may run into as they head into their golden years. 

You’ll be ready to spot the signs of any health problems right as they start and have the best chance of heading them off early. You’ll know what easy changes you can make around your home to keep your dog comfortable and reassured as they go through these changes. 

You’ll be more informed as you work through and decide on medications and medical treatments with your Vet. And also when there may be natural or alternative options to look into.

Your Toughest Decision

But I won’t just leave you there.

Caring for an aging family member, whether two-legged or four, can take a toll on your health and stress levels too. We’ll also discuss ways to help yourself, mentally and physically, as you go through this tough time.

And when it comes time to make that ultimate decision, you’ll be able to rest assured that you’ll make the right choice.
You’ll know…
• What signs to look for that it may be that time.
• What to expect on that day so you’re not surprised by anything.
• And how to deal with the emotions that will come afterward

Knowledge is the best way to arm yourself against the stress and uncertainty that comes with this time of your little loved one’s life.

Knowledge is also the best way to be sure that you’re doing everything possible to make it as easy and comfortable for them. And to make sure that you have the most time possible with them before thinking about those tough decisions.

So don’t waste one more day!

Your little one looks up to you, depends on you. She doesn’t know what’s happening, but you do.

When she has trouble standing up on her own, you’ll know what medications and therapies to ask about. 

You’ll also understand what your vet is suggesting and which treatments will give the best results.

If she’s constantly acting disoriented and confused, you’ll know how best to make her feel safe and comfortable.

Whether it’s heart disease, kidney disease or cancer, you’ll know what questions to ask and what discussions to start having with your vet. 

Act now to give yourself the confidence

“The Senior Dog: Forever In My Heart”

You can have this peace of mind for yourself and happiness and comfort for your little one as soon as you receive your new copy of my book, “The Senior Dog: Forever In My Heart”, all for only $19.95.

Because it’s a digital book you’ll receive all this within minutes of your order. And if you’d also like a printed copy, you’ll be able to choose that option during your order for a small extra charge to cover the printing and shipping.

Just imagine your baby spending their days happy and full of energy, playing with their toys. And their evenings lying at your feet and looking up into your eyes.

You could have the knowledge to help make that your reality for many more years to come.

And because I want to make sure you’re completely happy with my book and agree that it was the best thing you’ve done for your senior dog, you’ll have 90 days to check it out. If you decide it’s not for you for any reason (or no reason at all), I’ll rush you a full refund with no questions asked!

So order now and let me help you provide the best life possible for your furry little loved one.

You Really Owe It To Your Best Friend

If you’ve read this far, I know you love your dog. They are a member of your family. You will do anything to make their life as comfortable as possible.

The price of the book is less than a coffee or a pack of gum daily. The decision is not about money. It’s about how much love you’re prepared to give back. 

If you were doubting the value of “The Senior Dog: Forever In My Heart” just picture the smile on your dog’s face when they see the love in your heart.